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The drone

The drone is one of our oldest and most complicated projects, we designed by you. The whole complete the model lasted 1.5 years (at 4 lessons a week). Meanwhile, we have the drone built and are in programming it. To program the drone we visit computer science lectures at the University of Bern. We were enrolled as the youngest computer science student at the University of Bern. This computer science lectures held by Prof. Zwicker. Prof. Zwicker advises and supports us with his team in this project. Other IT courses for the drone program will follow after the summer holidays 2016th

Our drone is a Hexacopter. The special thing about our Hexacopter is that it has six rotors, divided into three arms. On each arm two rotors are mounted. Aboard the drone a tracking device and other measuring devices are also mounted.

We collaborate with Prof. D'Andrea of ETH Zurich. He also supported us with one of his doctoral students in programming the drone and otherwise work.

Projekt gründer: Ryan, Niklas,Patrick


Zusammenarbeit mit der ETHZ
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