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Project Manager Brainteam


University of Fribourg
CH-1700 Fribourg


Tel: +41 (0) 26 300 88 19
Cellular: +41 (0) 78 619 63 65






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Bright kids are visiting the lab to get a first contact with EvoDevo and Physics of Biology.  

The Brainteam is a group of gifted children with an IQ >130 that was initiated and led as a scientific project in 2014 in Kanton Bern Switzerland by Eva Nouri. The aim of this project is to support and promote gifted children in their abilities and bright visions. The Brainteam is currently working on different projects like drone modeling and programming, chemical experiments, plant biology, apiculture, human and children rights as children delegates in the UN Geneva. The Brainteam is collaborating with different institutions such as the Novartis school lab, CERN Young researchers, ETHZ machine learning and the institute of Chemistry and Biology at Fribourg University.

Visit their website  (the kids are the webmasters) at

The brain team visited us today and we introduced them to Evolutionary Developmental Biology and the Physics of Biology.

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